Tuesday, 16 June 2015

During this time in the UK of no waves I thought you Guys and Girls might find this video quiet helpful in explaining about board fins and techniques . Anyway hope it helps .(enjoy)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Drone video Northcott

This was filmed with a Drone . surf was not to good but needed very small waves to try the drone out over the ocean. Hope you enjoy the footage. Thanks Matthew for filming.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Long time since I,ve posted any stuff on this blog but now winter is here I will be back.
Start you off with a video of me filmed on a Go Pro on one of Budes beaches. The music is by longboard surfer Beau Young.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Bude surfer do well at last round of BLU 4

Report on Yesterdays competition Round 4 of the BLU,Held at Gwithian.

The surf was less than a foot all day so made riding waves and scoring near impossible but tha
 did not stop JOLLY ROGER Bude team  riders from performing well.

 We will start with Lewis Stritch. He was drawn in the 1st round against Ben Skinner and GB

 rider Alex Madocks Not a nice draw for young Lewis but he worked hard paddling up and

down the beach to find waves this tactic work as he qualified for the next round . Now if you

 thought his 1st round was loaded then you should have seen his next round Current leader. last

 years champ and ex world series rider Guts Griffiths . needless to say lewis did not make the

 final. Lewis end of year ranking (needs to be confirmed) but I know it's in the top 10.

Steve Stritch Nothing quiet so glamorous came 4th in the final (Grand MasterDivision) But this

 did mean that Steve's Final ranking for the year is 4th in that division.

Emily (dad drive faster) Currie . Emily was in 3 competitions yesterday 2 at Gwithian and 1 in

 Newquay So Paul drove Emily back and two all day between heats and finals . I'm don't Know

 the details of the short board comp at Newquay other than in the Final she was 10 mins late but 

finished 3rd, whilst back at Gwithhin Emily made it through to the final of Under 18's girls and 

Open Ladies final. Emily won the under 18s Girls and came 3rd in the Open Ladies (which she

 arrived 5 mins late for). Final end of year position for Emily Open Ladies 4th. Under 18's Girls 

1st. So all in all a good day and season for the Bude longboarders.

 Next Competition is the 

Jesus Longboard at Polzeath on the 6th / 7th Oct . come along and support them.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

shore dump

Picture of me in the shore dump. great board Jolly Roger Team .